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You've seen the signs for tourist attractions when you are on the highways. And, if you've even pulled off on one of them, as you made it through your vacation itinerary, you can agree on one thing: they get lots of traffic.


If you own on run one of these places, you can attest that with all of the foot and motor vehicle traffic they get, upkeep can be a labor-filled, tedious task. People from across the country and across the world make stops to these places, hundreds, sometimes thousands of visitors per day. Times that number by two, and that's how many feet are tracking debris around. And people, well, they are people, and they can very well leave behind a mess! So, why not clean smarter, not harder? PressureJet high pressure washing can keep tourist attractions, well, attractive. And, first impressions are everything in business.



  • Petting zoos
  • Reptile farms
  • Historical sites
  • Nature centers
  • Factory tours
  • Coal mine tours
  • Cave/cavern tours
  • Train rides
  • Museums
  • Country stores

Think of all the features a typical tourist attraction, like those listed above, may have: pavilions, sidewalks, walkways, parking lots, eateries, benches, fences and more. These types of surfaces and structures can get filled with litter, gum, oil spills, food spills, grease stains, scuff marks and more. Gum can turn into those black spots, and is very hard to get up. When cleaning is not done properly, or litter merely swept away, gunk can build up, making the area unattractive, and germ-filled. Daily cleaning routines such as parking lot sweeping are great habits and will get rid of debris immediately noticeable. For rinsing purposes we recommend our PressureJet water broom. This PressureJet high pressure washer accessory will allow you to effortlessly remove sand, leaves, mud and general dirt from the surface. This type of cleaning should be performed as often as possible, eliminating the possibility of having several layers of dust and dirt. Deeper cleansing needs to be done periodically also, so that oil, grease and tough stains do not build up and create unpleasant environment. This is where PressureJet high pressure washer surface cleaners need’s to come in. Flat surface cleaner’s will power wash driveways, concrete floors, parking lots, roofs, warehouses, boat ramps, garage floors, boat decks, and more. They will clean moss, algae, fuel, oil, grease, stubborn stains, and other deposits quickly and evenly. The biggest advantages of them are that they are universally applicable, can be used with hot or cold water, and they eliminate "zebra" streaking.


Of course there are more reasons why PressureJet high pressure washing is a great tool for tourist attractions, because some places are not just roadside museums where people look at things- but some where they can interact with livestock and amphibians. For places like petting zoos, snake farms and other attractions with live animals, PressureJet high pressure washing is the best way to maintain animal health. After all, people will be petting, and even riding, them. People will be placing their hands on the cages as well. Disease can be spread to visitors, no matter if they use that antibacterial gel they have in their purses, or not! A good cleaning on the cages will not only maintain the health and cleanliness of the facility, but of the animals as well. All that said, PressureJet high pressure washing is an all-around good idea for folks in this industry. For areas where animals are being kept the biggest advantage is to use PressureJet hot water pressure washing system. Those machines will not only clean better but they will kill bacteria and sanitize the area. It is highly recommended to use a machine with at least 200 bar (203 kg/cm2 / 2900 psi) or more.


When cleaning with PressureJet high pressure washer, washing surfaces that may have sticky gunk, such as a high-traffic walkway or an animal cage, the area should be pre-soaked with a good detergent. And, in the case of a parking lot, perhaps a chemical should be used in pretreatment. Hot water should most definitely be used, as disinfecting will be taking place as well. Also, cold water will not do sticky substances like gum any good. An industrial-duty PressureJet high pressure washer should be used, with a bar of about 250. A job like this can perhaps be done once, each midweek, as that is the slowest time for these types of businesses. If the attraction is a seasonal once, an extra good treatment could be given at the end of the season, to make opening day much easier to prepare for.


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Quick Model selection chart of Tourist Attractions
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