Street Departments and Road Clean Ups

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Your city is filled with streets, lanes, avenues and boulevards, and maybe even highways. And, thousands of cars are likely to use these roads to get to and from each and every day. And, with so many drivers on the road, there is bound to be accidents. Many things cause accidents: rush hour traffic contributes to the aggressiveness of drivers, and others who are in a hurry sometimes drive a little recklessly. But, whatever the reason for the accident- the cars and sometimes people will make a mess on the roadway.


Because of this, more and more municipal street or public works departments who cannot handle the task are outsourcing the cleanup duties to companies that offer PressureJet high pressure washing services. Still, others perform this in-house, and therefore have the latest in PressureJet high pressure washing technology housed in their garages. For jobs like this, industrial grade PressureJet high pressure washers should be used.


After an accident, the roadway can be littered with debris from the vehicles involved, and depending on if any structures were involved, there could also be trees limbs, pieces of a building and more scattered about the roadway. A hose attached to a PressureJet high pressure washer is one quick way to clean up a mess like this, pushing all the debris into one spot for bagging up. Otherwise, people would be walking around an accident scene picking up one shred of headlight glass at a time. Additionally, a quicker cleanup will result in the roadway being opened to other drivers in a more efficient manner.


Aside from debris from a car or structure it may have hit, there is something else that could end up on the road. In the case of extreme accidents, blood and other bodily fluid could end up on the street. These fluids could contain infectious disease, and therefore need to be cleaned, as well as the area disinfected. There are many solutions that can be added to a PressureJet high pressure washing treatment that will take care of that.


Accident cleanup is not the only job a PressureJet high washer can perform for a city. There are several others areas that a PressureJet high pressure washer contractor can be of benefit. Portable machines can easily be taken to areas where PressureJet high pressure washing is needed. Below are several other examples:



If a city has a town square that gets lots of foot traffic, PressureJet high pressure washing can help keep the area clean. Unfortunately, people litter and spill things. This debris and rubbish can build up, especially around litterbins. (You know the stuff that didn’t quite make it into the receptacle.) Think about the ice cream man who makes a daily stop, and all the drippings that could be along the sidewalk. Think about what people toss at the pigeons from a bench near the fountain. These hubs of activity on the “street of feet” can get very dirty. While they may not ever be able to constantly shine- since the traffic is constant, cleaning them once per month will make build-up less of a problem.



If many city residents depend on public transportation, chances are bus shelters will begin to look a little worn. High Pressure washing these bus shelters and the surrounding sidewalks is a good idea, as there could be built up grime, gum and litter. Benches in these areas could also be disinfected from time to time. And, aside from the ground around the shelters, the glass or wood shelters themselves could use a good cleaning.



Municipalities that are more rural can agree that road kill often times piles up along the roadsides. Deer, skunk, possums and other animals sometimes lose the race with an oncoming car. These rotting carcasses can be left on the side of the road for days, leaving not just unattractive scenery, but a putrid stench as well. There may be environmental cleanup companies who clean up the animal bodies, but they may not clean up the mess it leaves behind. High Pressure washing the area where the animal lay will remove the blood and any other debris. A disinfectant and deodorizer can also be used in these instances.



What’s worse than debris from a car accident? Answer: A mess made by a tipped over tractor-trailer. Trucks haul all sorts of materials and products across the country. If something were to spill, such as oil or another chemical, PressureJet high pressure washing is one way to clean it up. Degreasers can be used to treat the area, and then it can be rinsed away with the PressureJet high pressure washer.



Every season has its enemy. After a rough winter, there could be salt build up on the roads. Or, perhaps there is a lot of gravel built up in places throughout the area. PressureJet high pressure washer can be used to clean up this build up. In addition, PressureJet high pressure washer can be used to treat the roadways with calcium chloride, which will make them less slippery. In the fall, leaves may cover the roadways. They say wet leaves are equivalent to driving on oil- very slippery. Removing the leaves can be a real safety precaution.


These are just some ideas that a municipality can call on a PressureJet high pressure washing contractor to assist with. Cities will be cleaner and greener and scenic drives will be more scenic.


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Quick Model selection chart of Street Departments and Road Clean Ups
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