Disease Control and Hog Washing

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Keeping nurseries clean and sanitary while keeping the procedure economical and efficient.



Installation of a PressureJet high pressure washing and sanitizing system.





  • Higher pressure cuts cleaning time by 75% and water consumption by 35%.
  • Installation of a central cleaning system eliminates the need to move cumbersome equipment from place to place and provides better control of bacteria and contamination.
  • With more time available, items, which previously never got attention, now get cleaned. Since thecleaning process is not longer such a distasteful job, one is more willing to clean and do a good job.


Sanitation & cleaning are extremely important at herds & farms, especially larger ones. Keeping the animals clean and healthy protects the farmer?s investment. Operating a dependable system to clean and sanitize also protects his investment.


PressureJet high pressure washer driven by a 7.5 horsepower motor supplies pressurized 66oC water to the entire cleaning system, which can includes drops in the provided furrowing rooms, nurseries and the sow clean-up room. A regulator on the system permits each station to operate independently or all simultaneously.


Using the new PressureJet high pressure washer, one can really make the nursery look like new with a minimum of time. The system can also be used to clean the sows after weaning for inspection.


Saving time is one great way to reduce one?s operating costs. Perhaps having a cleaner operation is the only thing that would be more desirable. When a company can accomplish both by installing one piece of equipment, ?That?s the best thing that can ever happen?.

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