Cleaning of Aircraft Engines


Cleaning aircraft engines before repairing or rebuilding.


Install a PressureJet high pressure wash bay.


  • Saves time and trouble when servicing engines.
  • Easy, effective cleaning accomplished in 45 minutes.
  • Pump provides dependable, low-maintenance cleaning operation.


PressureJet high pressure washer can be used for air craft engine cleaning. This high pressure washer provides better cleaning in much less time than the other conventional methods (i.e conveyor and dip method). The PressureJet high pressure washer reduces expenses by eliminating some of the special cleaning solutions and time necessary for soaking in these solutions. It also saves money because of its dependable, low-maintenance operation.

The average engine requires a complete overhaul every 12,000 hours. This overhaul is a very complicated process and every part of the engine is given a thorough evaluation and rebuilding. Considering the very high cost of air craft engine, the best in maintenance is essential. A good overhaul depends upon a thorough cleaning. An engine is completely disassembled and may go through several cleaning processes in preparation for overhaul. These engines run on kerosene fuel. A soap solution and high pressure washer are used to remove the carbon build up from the kerosene fuel. In some cases of unusually severe carbon buildup, a hot alkaline soak is also necessary. Silicon is used as a sealant during assembly of engines. When the engine is disassembled for overhaul, the old silicon must be removed from the engine parts. PressureJet high pressure washer is used along with a silicone stripper solution and soak. We have supplied various pumps for this application to various clients including M/s. Indian Airlines Ltd. (Kolkata)