Filter Cleaning

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To keep oil/water separators working effectively.



PressureJet high pressure washer is used for clean the oil and other nonsoluable debris from filters in the separators.



  • Portability of unit simplifies cleaning process and adapts to any size system.
  • PressureJet high pressure washer does more effective job than other pressure pumps.
  • Heavy-duty, maintenance free pump operation provides a dependable cleaning system.


Many industrial operations have a need for oil/water separators. Hyde Products Company in Ohio manufactures separators to meet these needs. With their system, they feel it is essential to include a portable PressureJet high pressure washer to insure effective operation of the separator. The separators vary in size from very small 8 lpm to larger 3700 lpm systems. They incorporate removable filters which accumulate oil and other non soluble from the fluid being filtered. These filters must be periodically cleaned in order for the separator to remain effective. PressureJet High pressure washer does a more thorough job of cleaning these filters in less time than other cleaning methods. In extreme cases, solvents and high pressure water are necessary to do the most effective cleaning.

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