Pressure Washing Driveways

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You may pull in and out of your driveway two to three times per day. To and from work, to the store, to the gym, then out for a late night bite. And- you have a two or three car household.


Your driveway sure does take a beating. Road dirt, sand, mud, oil grease and more can be brought onto your driveway from your set of wheels. The messier the roads where you work and live, the worse your driveway could get. But, save the hose for the lawn. There is a better method of cleaning your driveway than the green snake: pressure washing.



For a cement driveway, you will need pressure washers producing at least 206 bar (3000 psi). To start, you will want to remove all things from the driveway that would be in your way. For starters - your cars. Pick up any loose debris, such as litter and kids toys that may be lying in the driveway. If there are any excess grease or oil and tire marks you may want to first get rid of that as well. You can do this by soaking it up with sawdust or cat litter. Next, you will want to pre-treat the area. Again, for heavy greasy spots, you may want to uses a degreaser. You can soak the entire driveway with cleaning solution for about 5 to ten minutes. This will allow any grease to break up. Finally, you finish by spraying the area in even strokes. If there are areas with really tough stains try our driveway pressure wash cleaner. This amazing cleaning solution is perfect for surfaces like concrete, asphalt, and cement. Simply apply the chemical directly onto the surface (no premixing necessary), wait 5-10 minutes, and then merely pressure wash it. Another great tool for removing grease is the turbo nozzle. The turbo pressure wash nozzle will direct the water flow onto the surface with a very high narrow stream. This will allow easy removal of all dirt. Once your driveway is pressure washed and clean, you could consider resealing it to protect it from further damage.


On the other hand if you are a pressure washing professional you may want to consider a pressure washer surface cleaner. These robust units will expedite your work and allow you to move from job to job in a fast pace.


Your car will be much happier pulling into a clean spot, as will you.

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