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Awnings can add class to buildings. They can add color, and they can bring shade. They can advertise and they can bring shelter. They add appeal to entrance ways, making homes and businesses alike welcoming. Blinds give a professional look and feel to windows, while at the same time can either add privacy or bring in the sun. Both are aesthetic features one can add to windows, doors and structures to give visitors that great first impression. But without proper upkeep, awnings and blinds will begin to not only look shabby, but also wear thin. Whether you are a power washing or window washing company looking to expand your services or a business owner, learning how to properly do awnings cleaning and take care of blinds will make clients not only happy- but shine!


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Cleaning awnings may not always be at the top of mind. However, with every passing thought, dirt, grime and film are being accumulated on the investment. Weather is mostly to blame. Rain, snow and wind all can cause awnings to get dirty. In addition, pollution can also cause damage- smog can settle, for examples. But no matter how they get there, these deposits should be removed periodically to not only bring back that like-new look, but also to help to last longer. Did you know that awnings can get stained? If debris from an upper level drips often onto the awning, the area can cause staining to occur, so making sure what fell is removed will prevent this to occur. Even more attention should be paid to lighter awnings, as streaking is much more noticeable. In addition, clean materials will help the awning better resist damage.


To conduct awnings cleaning, the first thing you will need to do is purchase your cleaning chemicals, making sure it is the correct type for the specific material. Next, you will rinse the awning with clean water, which can be sprayed on with a pressure washer with an attachment that allows extended reach - the telescoping wand. (This will allow the awning to be cleaned while on ground level.) Then, you will clean with the chemical solution, and depending on the amount of dirt and buildup, you may need to use a gentle scrubber. It is important to note that you should start from the bottom, as this will prevent streaks from the chemicals running down the awning. After you are through cleaning, you will give the awning a rinse. For rinsing and washing, it is recommended not to exceed 34 bar (500psi), meaning a gentle clean will do the job.


And, don?t forget the underbellies! You?d be surprised what can lurk in there. Bird?s nests, bee?s nests and more, just to name a few. Think of all the dead bugs and spider webs that can gather in the nooks and crannies and corners. Cleaning the interior of the awning is pretty much the same as the exterior portion. Do take into consideration a lighting that may be located here- make sure it is safe to clean with a pressure washer.


After the awning is clean, there are several additional optional, yet recommended, steps to take to further protect the awning. You may want to consider using a sealer, waterproofing agent, UV-ray protectant and/or a . re-vinylizer. All of these will make the cleaning process end on a cleaner note!


When one thinks of awnings, the first thing that comes to mind is a window awning, but let?s not neglect these:

  • Retractable Awnings
  • Window Awnings
  • Patio Awnings
  • RV Awnings
  • Sun setter Awnings
  • Door Awnings
  • Canvas Awnings
  • Vinyl awnings
  • Canopies
Cleaning blinds is a little more complicated than using a feather duster. There are many types of blinds- fabric, vinyl, wood and aluminum to name a few. And, these blinds have many enemies- nicotine, oil, grease, dirt, dust, soot, grime and more- which not only get on the blinds but also on the pull cords/strings.

Quick Model selection chart of Blinds and Awning Cleaning
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