Nylon Mandrel Extraction From Rubber Hose

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Removing a closely fit nylon mandrel from an extruded rubber hose.


Use a PressureJet make high-pressure triplex plunger pump for extracting the mandrel

High-pressure rubber hose is manufactured by extruding the polymer onto a nylon mandrel. As soon as the entire length of rubber hose is extruded, the mandrel has to be removed from the hose. This requires application of high pressure.

For this PressureJet make high-pressure pump is the most economical and effective solution. Pump will continuously supply water at high pressure. This pressure is directed to act on one side of the mandrel, which forces the same to come out gradually from the other end of the prepared hose.

FLOW: 40 - 50 lpm

PRESSURE: 250 kg/cm2

DUTY: Intermittent/ continuous

MOTOR : 30 hp

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