Procurement Engineer/VDE


1. To evaluate the vendor efficiently and Effectively to Procure Quality Goods at most Reasonable Price and most competitive in delivery time to Established high level Price Competitiveness in the Market.
2. Manage to procure Quality material at most reasonable price, within stipulated time period.


1. Strategy for minimum no. of approved vendor required per commodity.
2. Sufficient and required Technical DATA per commodity.

Your contribution to Profit:

1. By Reducing/ Optimising delivery time of goods so that we can delivery it on time.
2. Always maintaining sufficient number of vendor so that we don’t have to relay

Pressurejet's Strength which you Utilise:

1. World class ORACLE ERP,through which we can automate the Procedures.
2. IN time Payment of Vendors, which motivates and build confidence in Work.

Competence and experience/achievements:

1. Knowledge of Various types of Goods Procurement like Casting, Forging, Engines, motors, Panels IMPORT material etc.
2. Exposure of Various Industries.

Company Profile:

A hard-core engineering company, and only reliable manufacturer of 20,000 psi high pressure water jetting machine, looking for a long term mutually beneficial alliance and need Real Engineers !!!! Mission :: Export High Pressure Plunger pumps and complete solutions to Europe, USA and China...More the Export, more serve to our Nation by earning foreign currency Our current Turn Over is around Rs.25 Crore. However, our plant manufacturing capacity is Rs.200 Crores. The person who is willing and capacity to grow 10 times, we are definitely a right company. If you have attitude to compete one major Indian company which is bigger than your company, probably we are not a right company. However, if you have an attitude to establish competitiveness which ensures our export to The USA, Germany, Japan and China, then definitely we are a right company.