KB Series PressureJet Bare Pump
KDD Series PressureJet Bare Pump
KD Series PressureJet Bare Pump
V-57 Series PressureJet Bare Pump
V-70 Series PressureJet Bare Pump
VC Series PressureJet Bare Pump
V Series PressureJet Bare Pump


PressureJet pumps are triplex (three plungers), positive displacement, triplex plunger pumps. With the positive displacement design, each revolution of the crankshaft creates a direct motion in the plunger rods [piston] resulting in a positive output of flow from the pump. This output from the pump [flow] is in direct relation to the speed (here, strokes / minute) of the pump. The plunger diameter and stroke length determine the amount of liquid handled with each stroke and revolution. The discharge pressure is created by the restriction placed upon the flow through nozzles or restrictions downstream. Our triplex plunger pumps deliver a smooth, constant flow and pressure. These high pressure triplex plunger pumps can also be powered by various drives to adjust the flow as needed with changes in demand. The downstream restriction will require adjustment or a valve to regulate the change in flow.

During the suction stroke, the plunger moves to the left, causing the check valve in the suction. Reciprocating positive displacement pump operation line between the reservoir and the pump cylinder to open and admit water from the reservoir. During the discharge stroke, the plunger moves to the right, seating the check valve in the suction line and opening the check valve in the discharge line. The volume of liquid moved by the pump in one cycle (one suction stroke and one discharge stroke) is equal to the change in the liquid volume of the cylinder as the plunger moves from its farthest left position to its farthest right position.


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