High Pressure Hydro Testing Pump

High Pressure Hydro Testing Pump

"Hydrostatic pressure testing" is a diagnostic technique to perform hydrostatic tube test, hydrostatic pipe test, hydro test of hoses, cylinder hydro test, hydro test of pressure vessels & boilers, hydro test of cross country pipe lines, valves, castings, components etc. for leaks or defects. The hydro test pump equipment is used to check the component to be tested, is being filled up with an incompressible liquid, usually water or oil. With the help of a positive displacement reciprocating plunger pump incorporating appropriate safety relief and controls, the pressure of the test component is slowly increased to a predetermined set point and held for a predetermined time. Visual inspection is subsequently performed to determine whether any leakage exists or the pressure reduces from set pressure point.

PressureJet offers wide range of hydrostatic pressure testing pumps & equipment ranging from 12 lpm to 445 lpm and pressure from 70 bar(1000 PSI) to 1400 bar(20000 PSI). Hydraulic pressure test pump is either electric motor driven or engine driven.

Motorized Hydro Test Pump

Electric motor driven High Pressure Hydro Test Pump is basically Reciprocating Plunger Pump,having Flow rate range is from 3 LPM to 445 LPM and Pressure range is from 70 bar (1000 PSI) to 1400 bar (2000 PSI). This product is recommended for frequent usage of the equipment and power is available...more

Diesel Engine Driven High Pressure Hydro Testing Pump

Diesel Engine driven High Pressure Hydro Testing Pump is High Pressure Plunger Pump having Flow rate range is from 70 bar (1000 PSI) to 1400 bar (20000 PSI). This product is recommended for frequent usage of the Hydro Test Pump and power is not available...more

Pneumatic Operated High Pressure Test Pump

Air Operated High Pressure Test Pump is having maximum pressure range up to 1400 bar (20305 PSI). This product is recommended where frequent Hydro Testing Pump is not required, as working cost is higher than electric driven pump. However, the initial cost of the product is economic with compare to electric driven hydro testing pump...more

Hand Operated Pressure Test Pump

Our Hand Operated Pressure Test Pump is widely used in domestic and international market. This is available at affordable price. Ideal for testing residential water lines. Also for pressure testing small, pressure tanks, sprinkler, boiler and solar systems. Lightweight and easy to use. Equipped with shut-off valve, gauge, and pressure relief valve. hand Hydro Test Pump is light weight, economical and easy to use to test residential plumbing lines, small pressure tank, mini boilers, sprinklers etc...more

Safety Valve

Safety Valve
  • Provide over pressure protection
  • Redundant safety for operator
  • Intentionally designed weak part to avoid major loss

Pressure gauge

Pressure gauge
  • Approx. 2 times pump operating pressure
  • Glycerin filled
  • Easy read dial
  • With needle valve


  • Transparent Plastic housing
  • 100 micron mesh to ensure clean water supply to pump
  • Easy to clean

High Pressure Hose

High Pressure Hose
  • To connect pump delivery line to Foot Operated Valve
  • Swivel connector for easy connection
  • specially designed to withstand high pressures
  • Available in various lengths

Pressure Regulating Valve

Pressure Regulating Valve
  • Regulate output pressure as required
  • Bypass excess water

High Pressure Ball Valve

High Pressure Ball Valve
  • To isolate the pump from testing vessel, when required
  • To control the flow of water to testing job
  • To be fitted on discharge line

Non Return Valve - External

Non Return Valve - External
  • To restrict the return flow from testing job to pump so that job can be pressurized properly
  • To be fitted on discharge line

Low Pressure Suction & Bypass Hose

Low Pressure Suction and Bypass Hose
  • To connect water tank to pump inlet line
  • To direct bypass water from PRV & FOV
  • Flexible type Rubber hose
  • Diameter more than or equal to pump inlet connection
  • Available in various lengths as per requirement

Electric Cable

Electric Cable
  • PVC insulated Copper Cable. Other options also available on request
  • 4-core
  • Reputed make

Electric Starter

Electric Starter
  • To ON-OFF the power connection to Motor
  • Can be used for less than 25 hp
  • Always Inclusive in Control Panel
  • Reputed make

Electric Control Panel

Electric Control Panel
  • Cabinet style control enclosure-IP55
  • Fused disconnect-Overload protection
  • System inlet pressures control thru Pressure Switch
  • Outlet pressure protection thru transducer
  • Start/Stop and Emergency Stop button
  • Voltage Meter, Ampere Meter, Hour meter
  • Internal cabling

Automatic Pressure Controller

Electric Control Panel
  • Very compact and easy to install.
  • Safe and reliable
  • Saves 80% time of operator who is going to operate hydro test pump.
  • Very precise
  • There is almost no chance of accident. Whereas in manual hydro test, there are chances of increasing pressure by operator, which can damage costly equipment.
  • Even a lay man can operate. No skill is required as it requires in manual operation.

Applications of High Pressure Hydro Test

  • Boiler Hydro test
  • Casting Hydro test
  • Cylinder Hydro test
  • Cross Country Pipeline Hydro test
  • Hydraulic Fittings Hydro test
  • Jacket Hydro test
  • Mandrill Extraction from Hoses & Cables
  • Rubber Hose Pre Filling & Hydro test
  • Pipe Hydro test and burst test
  • Plumbing Hydro test
  • Valve Hydro test
  • Various industrial equipment Hydro test
  • Vessel Hydro test
  • Weld joints Hydro test
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