Commissioning Policy

Commissioning Policy

  1. Customer is required to intimate us through a written communication for commissioning by E-mail with the following details,

    • Site address
    • Name of the Responsible Person at Site
    • Mobile Number
    • Nearby Railway Station / Airport

    And send to with cc to Verbal or WhatsApp instructions may not be entertained

  2. Customer will have to provide duly filled in "Commissioning Check List" as per PressureJet format. Also, Photos of water connections and electric connections should be provided as a confirmation of site readiness.

  3. Without any of the above confirmations, we will not appoint our engineer / technician for commissioning. It is obviously understood that it not viable to keep an engineer / technician idle for a day or two, just because customers site is not ready with water and power connections.

  4. In case the customer has sent us written confirmation that the site is ready for commissioning and if site not be ready when our engineer / technician reaches at site, then an amount of Rs. 10,000/- per day (GST 18% extra) shall be charged extra for wrong information provided. Please note that this would be applicable even when it is a case of free commissioning.

  5. PressureJet will depute an engineer for onsite commissioning within 3 to 15 days depending upon the availability of tickets within our budget for each order. If a customer requires engineer / technician on priority, then they can arrange tickets from their end on pre-paid basis.

  6. In case any documents are required for the formalities such as gate pass etc. of our engineer / technician, a prior intimation from the customer is necessary to avoid delays at the time of entry.

  7. Scope of commissioning shall only include training of working and maintenance of the items provided by us. We shall provide One day commissioning at your site. If customer wants our representative to stay at site for additional days for supervision of pump during operation then charges as per our standards will be charged extra per day Our Scope includes.

    • Introduction and function of each accessories supplied by PressureJet
    • Preventive maintenance
    • Water quality required for the pump.
    • Information about wear and tear of spares.
    • Operating of pump working pressure up to 2 hours and safety related points
  8. Our representative will not provide any kind of consultation for the working of items at customer’s end i.e. for the items which are not supplied by PressureJet.

  9. It is mandatory for the customer to sign a "Commissioning Report" at the end of each day. Customer can write any comments or suggestions in the report every day. If a customer doesn"t sign the service report each day, the technician will NOT continue the commissioning from next day.

  10. Basic tools and tackles like Spanners, Allen key etc. should be provided from the customer’s end. Our engineer / technician will accompany only SPECIAL TOOLS, if required.

  11. In case of any issue during commissioning from customer side, our technician will guide their staff for next procedure and they can complete pending procedure accordingly. If customer insists for stay of our technician, then it will be on chargeable basis.

    In case of issue from our side & if issue is major, we will send our technician again after few days. If it is minor issue like pressure gauge damage, leakage, some parts to be replaced, our technician will train customer staff for replacement & leave from site. We will send spares by courier, which their persons can replace & confirm us. For small issues, we will not send our technician second time.

    Commissioning will be offered only for one-time. In any case, if client require technician for more than once, every visit will be on chargeable basis only.

    It will be customer’s responsibility to arrange their staff for training during commissioning.

  12. At the time of signing the closing report of commissioning, if the Authorized person is not available, then it will not be possible for us to hold our engineer / technician for additional days just for the signature. Any other person from the customer’s end shall sign the documents instead of demanding to stay for a day to complete such formalities.

  13. We will always co-operate at our best as per our viability for the order as a part of courtesy and it is our prime duty also. At the same time, we expect our valued customers not to demand / pressurize for unreasonable favors in any terms.

  14. If any extra requirements of spares or accessories arise during the time of commissioning, it will NOT be considered as a part of commissioning. It is mandatory to order those requirements separately.

  15. For any additional / future requirement of Spares or Services, the customer should call only on 8238033430 and send an e-mail to our service team at

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