High Pressure Triplex Plunger Pumps for Misting / Fogging

PressureJet offers a complete line of brass and stainless steel pumps for misting, fogging, cooling and humidity control.

Our pumps can be ultra-compact, direct-drive units suited to portable, low demand misting, cooling or humidity control.

Our high pressure triplex plunger pumps are low-maintenance as well as energy-efficient and most suitable for cooling, misting, fogging and humidity control systems.


  • High pressure triplex (crankshaft) Pump.
  • Solid Ceramic Plunger with brass head.
  • Pressure regulating valve, built in bypass.
  • Suction Filter Transparent Cartridge Housing  increases the pump's life and reduces clogged.
  • Working pressure 70 bar.
    • Pool and patio
    • Greenhouse
    • Cattle feeding shelters
    • Hen houses
    • Outdoor eating areas
    • Zoos
    • Recreational areas
    • Lumber processing
    • Vegetable gardens
    • Flower gardens
    • Gas turbine misting
    • Odor control

List of High Pressure Triplex Plunger Pumps for Misting / Fogging

01. Continuous Miner Coal Dust Suppression

Coal mining is a very demanding, dirty and dangerous job. With the installation of a PressureJet high pressure spraying system, some of these adversities have been minimized. A continuous miner has a series of rotating cutting blades.

02. Fire Protection

The six large engine compressors at this location are used to pressurize natural gas at it is drawn from the ground to dehydrate, as well as provide a means of propelling it to its destination. With a large volume of compressed gas in proximity, the concern for fire and

03. Fogging System For Ginning
04. Humidity Control

Humidity control is very important in a number of industries. Stabilizing moisture in wood products prevents warping, joint separation and shrinkage while reducing dust in the working environment. In the textile industry, humidity controls static electricity and

05. Mist Cooling Temperature Control System

Traditional methods of preventing poultry from collapsing due to heat stress are rooftop sprinklers; water sprayed directly on birds and evaporation pads. These methods often consume considerable water, have inconsistent temperature control or result in

06. Waste Water Odor Control

Many methods have been used to control industrial waste odors, but none so effective and easy to use as PressureJet high pressure fogging concept.