Vision and Mission

Vision and Mission


"We shall be a professionally managed and governed Indian multinational dedicated to developing the most dependable, economical, accessible, and admirable global brand of High Pressure Reciprocating Plunger Pumps and Complete Systems."

"Our objective is to be the market leader in the USA, Germany, Japan & China."

Here, we have categorically, consciously mentioned global brand of high-pressure reciprocating plunger pumps and systems. The reason behind focusing only in high pressure reciprocating plunger pump, is that this is the unique seed product which is having a scope of serving variety of applications. Its product range is huge starting from 0.5 HP up to approximately 5000 HP. Pressure ranging from 50 bar to approximately 5000 bar and covering almost every industry.

Today, the entire globe is an open market, and if we are an Indian multinational corporation, we have a number of strategic advantages over a few operational constraints, which will allow us to create and market our products internationally by default.

As an Indian engineering firm that practises real engineering foundations, our long-term objective is to gain money, goodwill, and contribute to the global market. As a result, we place less emphasis on high-potential short-term profitability and are more focused on developing our brand in a certain product area that is globally recognized as an Indian pride.

When we talk about pumps and systems for all applications, our market and commercial potential exponentially increases. As a result, we'll be able to design a variety of unique accessories in-house to complement the quality and cost-effectiveness of our pumps. This is a well-thought-out, backward-integrated corporate growth strategy. Taking on all industrial applications is both a challenge and a chance to develop and adapt ourselves toward technological excellence in a wide range of water, chemical, liquid gas, and sea water pumps.

Dependable and admired brand can be made by producing good quality and cost-effective product by coordinated efforts of design and production department, well supported by inter departmental cross functional inputs. All this should be backed by a reliable after sales service. To make it global, trustworthiness and ease of access is very important, we wish to establish a transparent and most informative web portal that educate our customer so much that he can take a purchasing decision just by reviewing our website. Our aim is to make customers purchase journey fast and easy.

The vision statement is not only a statement, but it is the DNA of our work culture. We are destined to succeed as we practiced our vision over last 20 Years in this business and attained a position of best manufacturer in India by surpassing many other well established industrial giants.


  • Be the most Technologically Competent Engineering Company by Designing, Developing, and manufacturing products which delivers HIGHEST Value for Money and Reliability.
  • Be the most innovative marketer to create an ecosystem where every buyer/consumer can evaluate PressureJet products and services to develop full confidence and buy with minimal efforts.
  • We will grow our personnel through competency-based, systematic learning programs, as meritocracy is at the foundation of the business.

Why this Mission

  • We work to apply basic engineering principles to develop world class triplex plunger pumps up to 2000 HP or more as there is no limit of improvement.
  • Our priority is engineering application at its best. Money is the by-product of our passionate work.
  • Serve country through our product by being representative of India in global market of high-pressure pumps and compete with best in the world.
  • Become an import substitute of high-pressure pumps in India.

Above are our guiding principles for driving the mission. We wanted to make pumps of the quality of German pumps that can cater worldwide customers at the price of Chinese pumps, so we need to improve our product quality tremendously and meanwhile reduce our costing gradually.

How this started

This passion of developing high pressure pumps started in year 2004 when we visited Peroni Pumps Italy. We were amazed by the product quality and its grandness. With an experience of manufacturing Metering and dosing pumps from last five years it was a confidence within that yes, such pump can be developed by us. Our priorities have always been the product not the money that is the reason we remained focus on product development. Rather than trying our luck in various nonstandard applications. Obviously when you do good quality work over long 15 years you get many offers and distractions, but we remained focused throughout.

What to do

To achieve the above said mission all departments needed to work individually as well as a team. Product quality is needed to be made world class along with cost reduction in manufacturing to make it available to customer at minimal price. Sales and marketing departments needed to reach out to worldwide customers through web portal, dealer, and service networks. As a company we need to ensure customer should have easy access to our products and services. After sales service department needed to be prompt and available to customers 24/7 by the means of presentations, videos, and other communication sources.

This mission can be achieved by:

  • Fostering the entrepreneurial spirit, flexibility, and marketing innovation that have contributed to the company's growth by meeting identified consumer needs.
  • Instilling in all employees the recognition that they are all business builders and offering a framework that recognises the value of the individual while encouraging collaboration development, which is crucial to our success.
  • Recognizing the need for responsive customer service systems and trying to guarantee that the consumers we sell and the vendors we choose receive excellent service.
  • Using all our resources to reduce the time taken to produce a product from ideation to market.
  • Pursuing and optimising company growth opportunities, focusing on our areas of expertise and trade strengths, wherever those opportunities may arise.
  • We take personal responsibility seriously. Individual involvement and accountability are both a right and a privilege for us.
  • We expect to have access to the tools and information we need to participate in decisions that affect our collective or individual reputations.

Action Statement

  • To improve product quality by improving design and testing on various selected models to set industrial benchmark.
  • To develop worldwide reliable dealer and service network.
  • To ease sales of our products, we need to develop a user friendly, informative, and transparent web portal.
  • Improve after sales service support by developing user friendly presentations and detailed videos.
  • Develop customer specific pricing strategy in order curtail business loss due to pricing issues.
  • Develop inter departmental cross functional teams.


PressureJet strongly believe and follow Shingo Guiding Principles, which are:

  • Respect every Individual
  • Lead with Humility
  • Seek Perfection
  • Embrace Scientific Thinking
  • Focus on Process
  • Assure Quality at the Source
  • Flow & Pull Value
  • Think Systemically
  • Create Constancy of Purpose
  • Create Value for the Customer

Insight from above principles,

  • Ideal Result Require Ideal Behaviour
  • Purpose and System drive Behaviour
  • Principle Inform Ideal Behaviour
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