Know the Promoter

Know the Promoter

Purpose of Promoter

Contribute to employee professional development so that they can succeed personally and professionally, allowing the organization to grow.

Objective of Promoter

"To provide advanced infrastructure, robust financial management and people empowerment so that talented people having growth mindset can explore their potential for mutual growth and success of the organisation."

Commitment of Promoter to fulfil the Purpose

  • We shall utilize maximum 15% of share for our personal use.
  • To earn the trust of our people, we shall adopt financial discipline and transparency.
  • Professionally, we will play a role of FIGUREHEAD.
  • Remuneration cap for each working promoter will be approved by executive team
  • Only prescribed and approved perks will be claimed from the Company.

Business Objective

  • To foster talented people, having growth mindset.
  • Earning as much forex as we can.
  • Leading and Inspiring MSME fraternity to grow and become global player by practicing transparent and disciplined financial management and establishing professional management by sharing the wealth.
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