Production Facility

Production Facility

Machine Shop

The high-pressure pump manufacturing process requires manufacturing extremely high-quality components, at comparatively low volume.

Further, the high-pressure pump mechanism is similar to an engine and has a crank-shaft, connecting road, crank-case etc. And it converts rotary motion into reciprocating motion similar to an automobile engine. This necessitates use of components that have very high dimensional accuracy/smooth surface finish. Outsourcing manufacture of such critical quality components with low production volume is impossible since suppliers find the requirement unfeasible and commercially unviable.

Having worked with a variety of suppliers, PressureJet decided it best to set up the complete component manufacturing facility in-house. Today,PressureJet has world-class, state-of-the-art, highly accurate and extremely rugged branded machinery that ensure consistent manufacturing of very high precision critical components of high pressure pumps, which are at par with international quality.

But then again, unlike most of other manufacturers, we don't want you to take us at face value. Adjectives can barely scratch the surface of what we do here at PressureJet. We are engineers, and we deal in facts and figures.

Some of these machines are:

Machine Name Make Specifications/Model
CNC Vertical Machining Centre (VMC) Bharat Fritz Werner Ltd (BFW) 1000 x500x600
CNC Turn mill centre LL20T L5 – 1 LMW (Fanuc Oi) 200/400 L
CNC Cylindrical Grinding Machine HI-LIFE MACHINE TOOLS LIMITED Swift 500
CNC Turn Mill machine with Y Axis DOOSAN LYNX 220 LSYC
CNC Band Saw Machine (fully automatic) INDOTECH INDUSTRIES (I) PRIVATE LIMITED 300 LMGA
Valve Seat Lapping Machine Micro 50 Cycles

These are in addition to a few specially developed special purpose machineries. It is indeed rare to find such a wide range of high precision machineries in a single manufacturing facility in India.

Assembly Shop

We don't simply talk about engineering, we put it in action, and this reflects in every aspect of our business. High pressure pumps are similar to engines in a lot of ways and should ideally have a dust free assembly shop, like the one at PressureJet. Ours is the only engineering company, after Toyota and Ford Motors, to use the highly sophisticated and very accurate Atlas Copco CNC Torque Wrench to assemble the pumps. In addition,we have developed in house some very special and highly accurate fixtures that ensure highly accurate assembly of pumps.

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